Our Family Enterprise is proud to offer handmade Paper Bead Jewellery of all kinds of colors, shapes, combinations and designs. Our clients are free to come up with their individual designs and wishes, so we can produce precious and unique jewellery for any style and fashion.

All paper beads are manually crafted with our hands alone. From the cutting of paper stripes, to rolling, glueing and sealing we have not one single machine involved. Our vision and mission is not to go for mass production, but instead to unique styles and individual choices at maximum quality. So even if we deliver our products to a number of craftshops and even to America, for us, quality always comes first. Our Paper Bead Jewellery is a unique and precious all African Craftwork, which our clients can wear with pride, because it has all been made manually and individually in every detail.

Please enjoy our little collection of images, which can give you some ideas about how your desired jewellery may look like.